In today’s environment most employers and recruiters seek experienced MSLs to fill their open positions.   Exacerbating this fact is that attrition rates are higher than ever, resulting in a growing number of experienced MSLs seeking their next opportunity.  Inevitably the candidate will ask: how do I get experience if no one will hire me? 

With more than 13 years direct experience across a variety of Field Medical roles, JFMC coaches candidates seeking MSL positions via a multi-step process that maximizes the visibility of attributes and identifies areas for development and solutions to address them.   Coaching is available in the following areas

• Candidate “SWOT” analysis
   - Evaluate candidate against desired MSL competencies
   - Identify and reinforce individual strengths
   - Identify and address development areas
• Critical review of curriculum vitae
• Optimization of online presence
• Personal brand development
• Interview preparation

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Compliant field conduct is necessary for the sustained deployment of effective MSL teams.  Approved procedures in place at the time of field deployment are essential for newly established teams in smaller departments to get the right start.  Let JFMC partner with your organization to design and develop operating procedures and other business processes covering the following areas:

• Interactions with commerical colleagues in the field

• Interactions with KOLs
• Handling of off-label information requests
• Procedures at medical conferences

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Field Operating Procedures



Performance Management

Aspiring MSL Development


Field Medical Value Optimization


Biopharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic companies alike are increasingly challenged to meet their bottom line projections while faced with the uncertainties brought by healthcare reform, weaker and more expensive development pipelines, ever-increasing regulatory hurdles, and the evolution towards a more effective selling model.  Companies are examining their operations more closely to assure maximum derivation of value from their personnel.   Medical Affairs departments are not immune to this increased scrutiny, and want to know their Field Medical teams are meeting/exceeding expectations for both external and internal customers.

In order to assure themselves that their field teams are delivering, an honest, accurate, and satisfactory response should accompany each of the following questions:

• Can the key internal stakeholders readily communicate the MSL value proposition?

• Are the key internal stakeholders confident that maximum value is being derived from their Field Medical Teams?
• Can the key internal stakeholders easily recite 2-3 recent and tangible MSL outcomes that met business objectives?
• Do you have assurance that the external customers (KOLs, HCPs, payers, etc) find real, discernible value in their relationships with the Field Medical teams?
• What additional services/products of tangible value could your Field Medical teams be providing to your internal stakeholders and external customers?
• Do you have a systematic process for collecting MSL intelligence gathered from their field work?  If so, is your organization consistently transforming this information into knowledge which can better inform business decisions?

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aspect of your MSL value proposition falls short of expectations,

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Without appropriate systems in place to assess your MSLs, how do you know you are delivering their full value proposition? As the industry balances the shortcomings of the ‘reach and frequency’-based activity measures, tools that assess critical, value-added MSL outcomes remain under development.

Customer satisfaction surveys are important measurement tools, but contain inherent biases and may not provide you with leading indicators that quickly identify issues and permit a timely, proactive response.

Review the following questions to determine if your MSL performance measurement and management system is meeting your needs:

• Are you balancing qualitative measures of performance with quantitative measures?
• Are you determining real outcomes, rather than simply focusing on MSL activity?
• Do you incorporate leading indicators of performance into your system?
• Are you utilizing a simple, transparent reporting system that allows you both assess and project performance?

• Path to Successful Field Deployment

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I contacted David because of my desire to transition from academia to an MSL position in the pharmaceutical industry.  David is an excellent mentor whose guidance and streamlined training methods focus trainees on what is required to excel in the MSL field.   His 20 plus years in the industry, MSL expertise, and drive to help me advance my career have been invaluable to my progress in the MSL field.

Emily Cozzi, Ph.D.

Hired as MSL After Retaining David Jencen as a Career Coach

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