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Field Observation and Reporting


For smaller / newer MSL programs, managing an MSL team from headquarters while juggling other responsibilities makes it difficult--if not impossible--to get into the field.  Sometimes you just want an independent, experienced perspective.   So how can you quickly get data on the quality of interactions between your MSLs and their KOLs?


Jencen Field Medical Consulting can conduct independent field observations. Using standard templates customized to your needs, we observe MSLs during a KOL interaction and report back to you.


We base our observations on commonly recognized standards that can be demonstrated within a scientific exchange:

  • Ability to productively and compliantly enhance the conversation

  • Recognition of medical insights

  • Use of KOL engagement strategies and tactics

  • Appropriate level of emotional intelligence

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Developing a Managed Care Acumen in MSLs

If your business model now requires your therapeutically-trained MSLs to engage payer clinical decision makers, how do you prepare them to effectively dialogue?  How do your MSLs learn the language of their new customers, so that they can effectively conduct scientific exchange?

We deliver customized training programs that introduce MSLs to the language and business of US healthcare as it relates to their own company's business and their specific role.   Attention is paid to emerging models of healthcare delivery and examples are provided of how MSLs are creating unique value within these environments.   

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KOL List Optimization​

Take a look at your Key Opinion Leader list.   How certain are you that it represents the people most critical to your business?   Are the selection criteria consistent with your departmental requirements?

We provide a service to optimize your existing KOL list.  Using our proprietary algorithm, we identify and prioritize KOLs using evidence-based measures of authority and influence, coupled with client-based criteria that are important to Medical Affairs.

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Stakeholder Engagement Planning​


A significant portion of your company's day-to-day interfacing with external medical communities occurs via the MSLs.  Over time, credibility is built with these key stakeholders.  How do your MSLs, and by extension your company, develop successful long-term relationships with KOLs?   KOL relationship development should start with a well-considered strategic plan that seeks to meet the articulated needs of all stakeholders. 


We deliver a multi-phase training program that not only carefully lays out each phase of the stakeholder engagement process, but also features hands-on exercises to cement the learning:  

  • KOL Identification

  • KOL Segmentation

  • KOL Activities

  • KOL Engagement Planning

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MSL Training & Business Process Template Development​


If you are a small but fast-growing department, you may have the need, but not the time, to develop standardized processes and templates to help guide MSL operations.   


We have developed training programs for MSL teams in the following practices. All of these programs include customized templates that you can continue to use following the program.  Here are some examples of templates and training programs we have developed for clients:

  • Managed Care 101

    • Familiarity with evolving models of healthcare delivery and reimbursement schemes, and how a KOL’s unmet needs can change in the process

    • Preparing for a clinical formulary presentation

    • Learning the language

  • Developing KOL engagement plans

  • Recognizing and sharing medical insights

  • MSL career development planning

Optimizing the Patient Experience with a Diagnostic Test

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Some of Our Clients...

"I have the great privilege to work with David on building a Field Medical Team. From the time of our first telephone call, I knew David was solid on his feet in all aspects of developing and growing Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). David partnered with me to create a Field Medical strategic plan, incorporating needs for the business and personnel development. All his work has been impressive, particularly, the custom workshop he developed, based upon his findings in the field, and delivered to the MSLs. It is a pleasure to work with David, an experienced professional who knows this business very well!"

Senior Director, Medical Affairs  Communications & Operations,

Boston Biomedical Inc.

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