How can my MSLs adopt more of an entrepreneurial approach to certain business situations?

As business needs and customers evolve, so too must the MSLs’ mindset and their manner of engaging the customer. We help strengthen your MSLs’ ability to think creatively via workshop training simulations:

  • Approaching the “important but disengaged” KOL
  • Approaching the “emerging” KOL
  • Creating a network connection between KOLs in multiple institutions

How do I know if the MSLs are effectively engaging with KOLs and building relationships?

With small/new MSL teams, often times the MSL director is HQ-based and has other responsibilities as well. As a consequence they are not able to get out into the field as often as they would like. We offer an independent field observation visit as “another set of eyes and ears” for the MSL manager. Observed behaviors and competencies are reported based on the client’s needs, and can be repeated over time to assess progress of field-based initiatives.

How can my MSLs communicate effectively with managed care/payer decision makers?

Increasingly, MSLs are being asked to interact with payer clinical decision makers (medical directors, pharmacy directors, quality directors, etc.). MSLs trained only to interact with academic clinicians and scientists may find the transition difficult. We offer training programs designed to:

  • Acclimate the MSL to the evolving payer landscape
  • Develop a managed care acumen within your MSLs
  • Prepare your MSLs to effectively deliver a clinical formulary presentation

I received a list of KOL names from an internal colleague. How do I know this list will be useful for the MSLs?

Searching within their organization for viable KOL leads, Medical Affairs teams can sometimes be handed lists with uncertain (or unhelpful) provenance, making it difficult to meet their specific business needs. We offer a service to optimize existing KOL lists:

  • Proprietary selection algorithm utilizes evidence-based criteria for measuring surrogates of influence and authority
  • Customizable criteria to meet specific client needs
  • Final output is a relevant, and perhaps not exhaustive, KOL list ready for MSL field validation

Where can I find MSL operational templates?

We offer both standardized and custom templates that address common MSL operational procedures. Here is a sample:

  • Business planning
  • Field observation reports
  • Clinical formulary presentation planning
  • KOL engagement planning
  • KOL insight generation and communication
  • Career development

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Some of Our Clients...

"I have the great privilege to work with David on building a Field Medical Team. From the time of our first telephone call, I knew David was solid on his feet in all aspects of developing and growing Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). David partnered with me to create a Field Medical strategic plan, incorporating needs for the business and personnel development. All his work has been impressive, particularly, the custom workshop he developed, based upon his findings in the field, and delivered to the MSLs. It is a pleasure to work with David, an experienced professional who knows this business very well!"

Senior Director, Medical Affairs  Communications & Operations,

Boston Biomedical Inc.

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